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inpro-seal-Bearing Protection

By Inpro/Seal

We have teamed up with bearing protection experts, Inpro/Seal to bring you revolutionary bearing protectors/isolators which are available in a wide range of options to suit your operational requirements.

Inpro/Seal bearing protectors are currently being used in hundreds of thousands of industry scenarios around the world, providing crucial protection to operational equipment.

A bearing protector is a device used to safeguard bearings in machinery from contaminants such as dirt, dust, moisture, and other environmental elements. Bearings play a crucial role in the smooth operation of various mechanical systems, and protecting them can extend their lifespan and improve overall equipment reliability.

The primary function of a bearing protector is to create a barrier that prevents external contaminants from reaching the bearing, thereby reducing the risk of damage and premature failure.

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Pillow block

Proven permanent bearing protection!


  • Increases bearing life
  • Eliminates leakage
  • Creates a seal
  • No damage to equipment
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Reduces downtime
  • Easy to install/remove
  • Non-contact isolator

Case studies

To read how the Inpro\Seal bearing protector has protected rotating equipment in various industries, click the download links below:


Agitators, Extruders, Gearboxes, Mixers and blenders, Motors, Paper Machine Rolls, Pillow Blocks, Pumps, Screw Conveyors, Sleeve Bearing Motors, Steam Turbines.

See how it works...


For grease lubricated electric motors


For pillow blocks

Steam Turbine

For process steam turbines to keep steam from entering the bearing housing


For oil mist, high oil splash or flooded bearing environments


For rotating equipment


For both oil and grease lubricated rotating

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